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Las Vegas SEO Audit - Your Key to Ranking #1

SEO Auditing: Your Key To Being Number One

One of the best ways to know how your website is performing is through auditing its SEO. For that reason alone, anyone could conclude that SEO auditing is an important factor in your success. Below are few essential steps that you should do for you to have a complete understanding when auditing your website’s Las Vegas SEO Company .

When I say SEO auditing your website’s framework, I mean that you this task will entail you to evaluate the platform that was used in the optimization of your website. The most notable tools that you can use for this work are WordPress and Squarespace. Also, take into consideration these following questions when auditing;
Is your current Framework’s version still usable? Or, does it need to be upgraded?
For those who have a mobile version of their site, is it still functional?
Is your website equipped with all necessary add-ons? If so, are these still compatible with all browsers?
How about the plug-ins, are they up-to-date? Are they still working on all browsers?
Should your customization codes be updated or re-written?
Is there any page on your website that is slow to load? If such is the case, there may be error codes somewhere.
In checking for your website’s codes, systems, platforms, software, and other technicalities, you may use Wappalyzer or other digital tools. Also, remember that in SEO auditing, if your website is designed on an older platform, then you may find it difficult to perform such task.

On-page SEO auditing
In on-page SEO auditing, it involves seeing through various content such as texts, graphics, and images for each web page on your website. You can also use online tools in auditing your webpage SEO for easier generation of summary reports on the results. If you found some inconsistencies, check for errors in the following areas;
wrong URL setups
incorrect format or improper titles and headings
images or texts that look out of place
404 code errors

Backlinks auditing
When auditing backlinks, one must be dedicated to this task because it will take quite some time to audit the domains where the links are coming from. So, if have several backlinks that come from different domains, then you will have no choice but to spend some extra time auditing. To correctly audit your backlinks, ask yourself these questions as you go along;

Do the backlinks have various domains?
When did you get the backlinks?
What are your anchor texts?
What are the IP addresses of each link? After which, determine if how many of these links differ from the other.

Know your domain
If you’ve been on the online business for a long time, then you are aware of the fact that your website domain tells a lot about your business, which is why domain auditing is also important when your audit your website’s SEO. Consequently, domain auditing means that you have to be mindful of these questions;
Is your domain spelled correctly?
Is your it readable?
What is its word count?
How long has your domain existed since its creation?
When was it registered
Also, don’t be too surprised if older domains are working better than new ones on Google because for some reason that has always been the case.

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